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Buy Affordable Domain Name – Check Domain Availability First

Code for Host offers cheap Domain Name service where a user can buy both Top Level Domain (TLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). But First of all, check that your preferred domain name is available or not to buy. Because it is very bad to say that if somebody bought a domain already so a user can’t buy the domain name till expiration. But a user can choose a unique Domain and he can buy that.

All domains are very cheap and a user can buy the domain by a one-time payment in a year. Also, a user can buy a domain for the lifetime but the user has to renew the domain name every few years. Otherwise, a user can buy a domain for yearly. A user can check our Domain List and Pricing list from here.

Note: Keep your domain name short and simple so people can memorize easily. It is very easy to remember a name if that name is simple.

We are proud to provide you with all the necessary services that require with a domain. But this is optional for a user and also dependable on a user that they want to take or not and they need or not.

Which one Domain extension is good?

The first thing is that search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc) don’t care about the domain extension. For the search engine, every domain extension is the same and good. They don’t compare each other domain extensions. .tech, .xyz, .com, .net etc all domain are same to Search Engines eye.

But the domain extensions have some meanings. As like .com domain extension is for commercial purposes, .org is for non-profit organization purpose. So now a user (who wants to buy the domain) have to choose his category and it is good for the user to choose his domain extension by category base.

Note: As everyone familiar with Google and Wikipedia so I’m taking both of this for an example.

Example: Google has created for commercial purposes and they are as like a channel where they use to provide information and lots of more things freely but they also uses to run so many companies ads. That’s why they use to .com extension. But look at Wikipedia, they use .org domain name extension because they are a non-profit organization.

Back on the Topic: So now a user need to decide that what types of domain extension are good for them!

Link Domain Name with the Best Hosting

Hosting is very important things and a user should be very careful about hosting. Sometimes some hosting provider won’t let you go to another hosting provider. So you need a trustable hosting provider for that. So before you link your domain to any hosting provider so be careful very much.

It is not finished! Now check their A to Z history and look at the technical issues that they are good or not!

But as we have our own suggestion so a user can check our guidelines about hosting.


A user can buy affordable Domain Name from Code for Host easily. But the thing is to choose a perfect name. We have some of our own suggestion for our customers to read before buying a domain and that’s to buy a domain that is related to your business and brandable. Because, In future, your brand name will represent to the world through search engines. One more information is that .com Domain extension is not very important. But .com is for commercial purpose and a user will get the right benefit if they are running a business.

Every decision is up to you that what the way you want to choose.